Aug. 13th, 2012

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Reading a bunch of anti-American comments in a Canadian newspaper article today made me feel disgusted.

Here's something to chew on. Nearly every single American I've ever met has been kind and courteous. In fact Idaho was so full of kind, courteous people I was in shock.

Here's another thing to chew on. Most of my closest kind, courteous American friends are ALSO conservative.

I really wish some of my fellow Canadians would get their heads out of their asses. You might not like their politics or some of the more outspoken Americans out there, but for every loud, brass, outspoken American you see on TV (which some Canadians seem to like to point to and say "Ah ha! That's what all Americans are like!") there are a million really polite, kind, courteous and welcoming people that actually AREN'T like that at all.

TL;DR, stfu anti-American Canadians.
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Sorry about the rant in the previous lj entry. That was in no way aimed at my lj friends or in fact pretty much anyone I know personally. It's really sad how the Internet makes people act how they wouldn't in RL. Or maybe how they would in RL if there were no repercussions for being a dick.

Off that topic, I'm under an amazingly large amount of stress lately. There is a broken water something or other outside of the house where I rent... which is a basement suite. Not unexpectedly, there is a lot of mold that developed... somewhere, I believe most of it is in the carpet.

So I wrote a letter to my landlord, then, when she didn't reply, went rental hunting (finding a place to live in Vancouver for anything remotely resembling a reasonable price is nigh impossible.) Anyway, landlord was called for a reference, so she finally shows up at the house on Saturday to look into replacing the broken water whatever, and put down laminate to replace the carpet. Since we didn't get the place, we might have to go with what she offers. Unfortunately because the leak is outside the house and underground, it'll take a week for someone to come fix it. So frustrating.

I've been sleeping in the livingroom for a week now as the bedroom smells so bad I can't sleep in there. I've generally been stressed out about the lack of privacy, even though I made makeshift walls around the bed. I have a roommate and the livingroom = kitchen and bathroom, so I won't have privacy back until the bedroom is livable again.

To make matters worse, things smell of mold now, and I have a lot of things. Luckily most of the comic books were in boarded plastic so I think those are savable, but my old artwork from University is probably a write off.

Going through my old artwork (and a book on setting goals I found) made me sad and wonder, yet again, where the heck I'm going with my life. I wrote in the goal book (over 4 years ago) that I wanted to do something with my writing and art. Well, I've done exactly none of that... now I use writing as an escape from a monotonous job where the thing I get reprimanded for the most is my lack of (business) writing skills. I go to a psych who is wanting me to go into teaching, which I agree is the most logical choice for me, but I find teaching overwhelming and stressful. So I feel like I'm drifting in limbo, and it sucks. :( The only thing that made me feel really ALIVE and a part of something during the last two years was acting. If I could get paid to throw myself in front of people and bask in the sheer terror and endorphins that come from said sheer terror my life would be set...


Hopefully everyone else's life is going better than mine right now. XD And I'm sure I don't have a lot to complain about, I have a place to sleep at very least, and letting go of some of my stuff isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I will figure my crap out soon. *shakes fist*
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Having lost some of my stuff to mold, I was able to tell what of my stuff I value the most because they ended up being the stuff I worry about most. Outside of my old drawings from high school that are really not replaceable (and my USB jumpdrive with all my writing ever on it), the two "items" or collections I worry about the most are: *drumroll pls*

My TMNT comic book collection.


My Monica Hughes books.

These two items take up maybe 4 boxes. It's like, less than 10% of all the stuff I own. They also are among my oldest things, gathered over a 15-20 year span for both.

So basically if I keep at myself doggedly and remind myself that those are the two things I don't want to part with ever, at least not at this moment in my life, I should be able to dump the rest like hot potatoes, right?

*crickets chirp* Well, it's an idea anyway.


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