Apr. 27th, 2012

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Tomorrow I'm going downhill skiing for the first time in 16 years! Yes, I know it's a bit sad when that's the highlight of my spring but whatever. XD

I've only been skiing 5 or 6 times before in my life... all when I was 13/14. The first three or four were in Jr. High School in grade 7 or 8. It was part of "Life and Leisure week", the week before Christmas Break when all students selected something special to do from a list of activities. (My three different choices over the years were Film Making, Downhill Skiing and Modelling.) Anyway, I went skiing two other times, once to Winter Green at night, and another to Fortress Mountain, both in my mid-teens. The Winter Green memory is especially nice because I looked up and saw the Northern Lights for the first (and last) time.

I've been wanting to try skiing again for two and a half years but, again, the cost is prohibitive. I planned ahead for this, and I'm catching a ride to Whistler with my co-worker Scott to save on travel expenses and booked my equipment rental ahead so that I could get a discount. My lift ticket came from Craigslist lol.

As a note, wth happened to skis in the last 16 years, they look way different!

Oh yes, and I'm single again. I broke up with my boyfriend last Saturday. Ever since I took this TESOL class I haven't had time for a boyfriend, had to drop the acting, and retreated back into myself. On the plus side I've been getting a lot of writing done and even reopened a couple old fics. On the not plus side... I broke someone's heart.

Also I need to be careful not to get depressed again. -_- Because I know the danger now of becoming reclusive again. Severing ties with my boyfriend does not help me any.


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