May. 27th, 2012

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I suppose it's time for my monthly update. I just checked my friends list for the first time in ages and the front page was full of posts from people I've known well for years. It made my heart glow with the happiness of familiarity and old memories. Also makes me want to update this thing more often... Facebook doesn't cut it and Tumblr isn't social.

I'm on my first day back a very bad week long family vacation. The worst of it was a car accident where I might owe 3.7k of damages on another vehicle from where I hit them with a rental, which I most likely will have to cover due to lack of insurance (got the damage waiver on the actual rental, so at least that was covered). We'll see what happens with that. It was also good to spend time with family, and see my nephews and see my ailing grandpa before he passes away.

I read the Hunger Games on my flight to Alberta, and couldn't put it down. When visiting my sister on Thursday we went to see the Hunger Games movie and the book was decidedly better. I started reading Battle Royale (the manga) Friday morning and finished it Saturday morning, between visiting my brother's family. I read Battle Royale because multiple persons online were complaining that the Hunger Games is a rip off. I don't see it, though I agree the basic premise is the same, the concept has been in science fiction since before Battle Royale was made. I've also seen a Doctor Who episode with the same sort of premise.

Today I watched the Battle Royale movie and I still don't see it being a rip off. The manga was better, though my favorite character Mimura lasted a lot longer in the movie than the manga.

I told my roommate at the end of the movie that everyone died and he replied with "even the survivors?" XD

I finally managed to figure out most of the 6th chapter of my fanfic Thursday Morning on the flight back to Vancouver. With any luck will have it up soon. Yay.

I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode of TFS's DBZ Abridged because we'll FINALLY get to see Goku go Super Saiyan (how are they going to do it?? *bites nails in eager anticipation*)

I still have 10 hours of practicum to go. It kind of sucks to get through an entire course (teaching English as a second language) and then realize I don't like teaching all that much, (I'm better at taking orders and having structure when I work... so I need to find out what careers I can do that have structure yet are diverse enough to keep my interest. I wish customer service paid better because I'm really good at that...) Anyway I keep telling myself that at least I didn't discover I don't like teaching... while over seas in a different country. Thank goodness for that. I will sweat my way through the rest of my practicum and get my certificate... and then go on to look into other career options. :P Any suggestions?


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